Verdi: AROLDO - Aroldo

La Abao - Bilbao (España) - Palacio Euscalduna

Considering the devilish writing that Verdi made for the main character Aroldo, it is not surprising that few tenors want to get into such severe adventures. On this occasion the American tenor Hendrick was successful, with significant values in the technique.
~ Emecé,

Tenor Michael Hendrick, Aroldo and main protagonist of the opera, sang with expression, although his vocal production is not particularly bright for this style of that time of Verdi's style of the 19th century. But we must notice that it has a clear expressive validity and a good musical sense.
~ J.A.Z., Deia

Good results for tenor Michael Hendrick who sang a committed Aroldo.
~ Cosme Marina,

To cast Aroldo himself brings up the immediate problem that the big names are not willing to add this opera to their repertoire, knowing that they will probably never have the chance to sing it again. In this case, the protagonist Aroldo was played by American tenor Michael Hendrick, who made a very good impression as Laca in Jenufa some six years ago. He gave a worthy performance, singing with great honesty and commitment.
~ Jose M. Irurzun, Music-Web International

Por lo que se refiere al tenor Michael Hendrick... de todos modos y dada la dificultad del papel, se puede decir que cubrió bien su cometido y contribuyó al equilibrio de la representación en general.
English: As regards the tenor Michael Hendrick... given the difficulty of the role one can say that he handled his role well and contributed to the general equilibrium of representation.
~ Nino Dentici, El Correo