The Metropolitan Opera - New York, New York

Making your Met debut in such tense circumstances has to be intimidating. Still, Mr. Hendrick saved the day, singing with husky sound and energy.
~ The New York Times, Anthony Tommasini

Tenor Michael Hendrick stepped in as Menelas and demonstrated musical sensitivity whenever the orchestral volume relented.
~ Opera News, David J. Baker

Michael Hendrick assaulted the stratosphere with steely stamina.
~ Financial Times, Martin Bernheimer

Michael Hendrick acquitted himself honorably in this punishingly high role.
~ The Wall Street Journal, Heidi Waleson

Michael Hendrick has a huge yet expressive voice. He pumped incredible volume and energy into the second act.
~ Bloomberg, Manuela Hoelterhoff

In Menelaus, we were impressed by the concentration and the absolute accuracy of intonation of the young tenor Michael Hendrick, in a most inhuman tessitura.
~ Opéra Magazine (France), David Shengold

Michael Hendrick, in a debut, under the circumstances, did remarkably well.
~ The New York Post, Clive Barnes

Michael Hendrick, making his Met debut as Menelas, sang... with ringing tones and assurance.
~ , Jerome R. Sehuls


2007: The Metropolitan Opera