Janácek: JENUFA - Laca

2009: Teatro Cervantes - Málaga, Spain
2005: Utah Opera
2003: ABAO-OLBE Opera - Bilbao, Spain
2000: Lyric Opera of Chicago (cover)
1998: Sarasota Opera

La Abao, Bilbao - Palacio Euscalduna (Spain)

Michael Hendrick sang with vigor and no lack of beautiful color.
~ El Correo

Utah Opera - Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

Tenor Michael Hendrick was wonderful. Hendrick’s portrayal is dynamic and poignant as he struggles with his jealousy and hatred of Steva and his passion for Jenufa.
~ Edward Reichel, Deseret Morning News

Michael Hendrick (as Laca) who loves (Jenufa) but inflicts a disfiguring injury on her… A first class performance, and equal to a knockout in musical and emotional potency... All four singers gave first-class performances on opening night Saturday. Forst's was the biggest knockout, but only because her character is the showiest; the others were every bit her equal in musical and emotional potency."
~ Catherine Reese Newton, The Salt Lake Tribune

Sarasota Opera - Sarasota, Florida (USA)

"Michael Hendrick (Laca) and Michael Hayes (Steva) brought plenty of vocal stamina, expressive weight and persuasive characterizations to the production."
~ Tim Smith, Opera News

"Michael Hendrick's Laca was a compelling, convincing fellow, with plenty of vocal stamina and expressive nuance."
~ Opera (United Kingdom)

"Tenor Michael Hendrick, as Laca, so good in previous seasons, tackles this demanding and dramatic role with strength and superior talent. He is superb. Bravo."
~ The Advertiser

"Tenor Michael Hendrick made a believable Laca, sulking and spiteful in Act I as he voices his resentment of his step-grandmother’s unloving treatment of him and cutting Jenufa’s cheek with his whittling knife after she repels his advances. Returning as a reformed human being in Act II and Act III, he shows his true character as a loyal, steadfast person ready to forgive all and marry the shamed Jenufa."
~ Sarasota Herald-Tribune