Massenet: CLÉOPÂTRA - Spakos - Alice Tully Hall, New York City

In the event, the tenor was replaced by Michael Hendrick, who acquitted himself more than satisfactorily... the queen's new paramour is her former slave Spakos, sung by Hendrick, who displayed a mellifluous, expressive tone that remained pleasant throughout his range, with none of the pushing so common among current tenors.
~ Opera News, October 1997

Tenor Michael Hendrick, the Spakos, has a bright voice.
~ The New York Times, June 28, 1997

The rest of the large cast was well-prepared and strong-voiced, led by tenor Michael Hendrick as Spakos.
~ New York Post, June 28, 1997

From performance at Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY:
The singers were uniformly quite strong. My favorite was tenor Michael Hendrick as Spakos, Cleopatra’s other strong love interest besides Mark Antony. Hendrick brought passion to his role and supported it with a clear, well-focused tone. He also evoked sympathy by exploring the full range of his character’s feelings.
~ Gannett Newspapers, June 15, 1997

1997: Opera Manhattan - Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center