Wagner: PARSIFAL - Parsifal


Festival Amazonas de Ópera - Manaus (Brazil) - Teatro Amazonas


Português:ÓTIMOS SOLISTAS DESTACAM-SE NA ÓPERA DE WAGNER APRESENTADA NO XVII FAO "O tenor norte-americano Michael Hendrick foi um seguro Parsifal, de porte apropriadamente inocente e heróico.
English: GREAT SOLOISTS STAND OUT IN WAGNER'S OPERA PRESENTED IN THE SEVENTEENTH FAO "The American tenor Michael Hendrick was a secure Parsifal, appropriately sized, innocent and heroic ... excellent vocal performance, showing all important predicates as great projection, perfect pitch, expressiveness, beautiful tones and striking presence.
~ Leonardo Marques, Movimento.com, 21 May 2013

Español: El reparto vocal tiene... con el refuerzo del estadounidense Michael Hendrick como Parsifal y la rusa Olga Sergeyeva como Kundry...en un reparto homogéneo y estilísticamente impecable. El éxito fue inenarrable. El nivel de calidad roza los postulados de ese realismo mágico tan consustancial al continente y tan admirado en España.
English: The vocal cast is... reinforced by American tenor Michael Hendrick as Parsifal and Russian soprano Olga Sergeeva as Kundry... in a uniform and stylistically impeccable cast. The success was indescribable. The level of quality touches the tenets of magical realism which is so inseparable from South America and is so admired in Spain.
~ Juan Ángel Vela del Campo, El País (Madrid) - 26 May 2013


'A HANDFUL OF ARTISTS FULLY UNDERSTOOD THE MAGIC OF RICHARD WAGNER' In the middle of the Amazon jungle, floating on the river, from somewhere in the Valhalla, on top of the Venusberg, in an armchair theater he built in Bayreuth, for all points of the planet, Richard Wagner himself would applaud in Manaus: a handful of artists fully understood and staged his posthumous opera, Parsifal, so precise, outstanding. The cast was headed by American Michael Hendrick, in the title role, that of Parsifal.
~ Pablo Espinosa, La Jornada (Mexico City)


Lyric Opera of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois (USA)


Gosta Winbergh, announced as indisposed before the second performance, discharged his duties for one act, to be replaced very competently by Michael Hendrick.
~ Richard Covello, Opera Canada, June 22, 2002